Black cats are the least likely to be adopted

Black cats are the least likely to be adopted

Consider a black cat the next time you adopt a pet.

The stray pet population is out of control. Shelters are overpopulated, and cats and dogs are constantly being dumped by their owners. Anyone who is looking for a new furry friend should adopt a shelter pet. As a crazy cat lady, I can tell you that all of my felines were strays at one time. Had I not been there to save them, they probably would have died in a cage.

Unfortunately, dogs are more likely to be adopted than cats. Young animals find homes easier than seniors. An elderly black cat is the least likely to find a forever home. No one wants an old, black cat. Statistics show that any other color of kitty is more likely to be adopted than a black one. That's just ridiculous.I happen to own the sweetest, most loving black kitty ever. His name is Inky, and he was the result of an unwanted litter. All of his brothers and sisters were quickly adopted, but no one wanted cute, little Inky. I instantly fell in love with him, however. In fact, he is rubbing against my shins as I'm typing this.

Why didn't anyone else consider taking him home?

It seems that too many humans are superstitious. Black cats are supposedly bring bad luck. I believe that it's seven years bad luck, to be exact. Do I believe this? Of course not. My black kitty crosses my path at least a dozen times a day, and I've not had anything unfortunate happen to me. In fact, ever since I adopted this sleek kitty, I've felt more blessed than ever.

Perhaps the bad luck associated with black cats doesn't actually involve humans. The cat itself is the recipient of the bad luck, since no one will give them a chance. They are half as likely to be adopted than those with Garfield markings. If these kitties aren't adopted at the shelter, they are euthanized. That's a sad ending for an animal that could have brought joy to someone.

The next time you are looking for a new kitty, don't forget the black ones! They are beautiful and will love you forever. Plus, they make a great decoration addition come Halloween! Of course, if you already have a home full of kitties, please make sure that they are all fixed to avoid adding to the unwanted pet population.