Great Lap Cats

Great Lap Cats

While lots of people like pets that are full of energy and a little bit on the hyper side, there are many who prefer a kitty that is a little more laid back. We like to call these felines lap cats. What exactly is a lap cat?

Well, it's a fluffy ball of fur that would rather spend its days sleeping on top of you, than running laps around your house.

The task of choosing a cat can be tough for those that are wanting a calmer kitty. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. A cat that is seemingly lethargic in a cage may just be bored and turn into a fireball at home. So, how can you pick out a lap cat? You have to know what breeds to look for.


The most relaxed kitty of them all is the Ragdoll. Just as the name implies, the Ragdoll is like having a baby doll. Whenever they are picked up, Ragdolls become completely limp. They crave attention and would prefer to purr in your lap for hours on end. They are also excellent with children. Since these kitties are so docile, it's best to keep them indoors. They are an easy target for other animals to hurt.


Perhaps the most popular breed in the country, the Persian is a long-haired ball of fluff. They are famous for their gorgeous coats and smooshed faces. When petted, a Persian will close his eyes and purr loudly until he falls asleep. While they are great lap cats, they also require a lot of maintenance. Their fur gets matted easily and must be brushed on a daily basis. Some owners even shave these kitties in the hot months.

Maine Coon

Don't let this giant kitty fool you, the Maine Coon is a big baby. Even though they are avid hunters, the Maine Coon is also a very loyal feline. They are known to follow their owners around the house. While they do no always like to be lap cats, they do enjoy sitting next to their person on the couch. The Maine Coon is calm most of the time and one of the most lovable cats you will ever meet - trust me, I own one.


OK, so a stray is not really a breed, but they are kitties that are in need of a good home. All of my cats were once strays. Even if they were rambunctious or ornery at first, they soon became complete sweethearts. The trick to turning any kitty into a lap cat is patience and love. The more time you spend with a cat, the more it will bond to you. No matter the breed, a little affection goes a long way.