The healing power of purring

The healing power of purring

Scientific research reveals astonishing results

Why exactly do cats purr?

That's a question that has baffled scientists for decades. If you ask a cat lover, they will tell you that cats purr to simply express love and happiness. Scientists, on the other hand, feel that there must be a technical reason behind this response. In fact, many researchers have studied the act of purring just to figure out the answer.

What scientific research has discovered is simply astonishing.

Purring is a way to heal.

Can that be true? According to researchers, yes. They have discovered that the vibrations created from purring are at specific frequencies. These sound frequencies may be therapeutic to both felines and their owners. Testing shows that these vibrations actually improve bone density and reduce muscle atrophy. How this works is still unknown. Some scientists feel that cats purr in order to heal their own bodies during periods of rest. We all know that cats sleep 18 or more hours a day.

Cats not only purr when they are content, but they also purr during times of distress. A cat may purr more often after surgery. Are they doing this to heal their body faster? Perhaps.

What does this mean for cat owners? In simple terms, allowing a sleeping cat to purr on your lap may also invigorate your own bones and muscles. Your skeletal system may benefit from the vibration frequencies. Can we be certain of this? No, but there is no harm in testing it out.

So while no one really knows why cats purr, or even how they do it, there may be something more powerful behind the sound. Let your kitties purr around you on a regular basis. While your cat might just be showing affection, he may also be slowly healing your body. That's pretty powerful.