How many cats is too many?

How many cats is too many?

If you are a cat whisperer, then it can be hard to stop taking in new kitties. After all, you understand what they want and need. You are able to take an "unadoptable" cat and turn him into the perfect pet. This is how one slowly becomes a Crazy Cat Lady. So, the question must be asked. How many kitties is too many?

How much space do you have?

Before bringing home another fluffy feline, you must consider how much space you have in your home. It must be roomy enough for your new addition to have a place where they can escape. Just like people, cats need alone time. If you have too many cats, then they will find it impossible to escape one another and fights will follow. Do you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a six-bedroom estate?

Do you have enough extra cash?

Adding a new pet means spending more money. Not only will you go through kibble and litter at a faster rate, but you will also need to have enough cash in case your kitty needs medical attention. Getting shots and having your cat fixed will cost you a few hundred dollars right off the bat. If your kitty gets ill, then you might spend anywhere from $50-$3000 getting him better. If you don't have the funds for an emergency, then you don't need to bring home Fluffy.

Do your current pets want another kitty around?

This is something we never think about, but our cats have feelings too. Do you have a playful, easy-going cat that gets along with every animal he meets, or do you have a unsocial animal that hisses and growls at new kitties? If you keep introducing new cats to your household, then you may be asking for trouble. You may hurt the feelings of a previous pet, making them resentful toward you. It might be better to give them more attention, rather than bringing home a new mate.

What is the pet limit?

Most cities have pet limits in place, and you cannot go over this amount. If the city finds that you own more pets than is allowed, then they will require that you get rid of some of them. That would be heartbreaking. Instead of breaking the law, help find a new home for the stray with someone that needs a new kitty. Before you adopt a cat, be sure you check out the laws in your area.