I'm thankful for my kitties

I'm thankful for my kitties

Finding joy in cats' presence and habits

Thanksgiving is a time to show thanks to the people and things that bring joy into your life. As a crazy cat lady, I'm the most thankful for my feline furballs. While they may shed on my black pants and leave hair balls all over my floor, I'm very happy to share my house with them.

Here are some reasons I'm thankful for my cats:They don't hog the remote.

Unlike my husband, my cats don't care what I'm watching on the television (unless it's the Animal Planet). My kitties won't change the channel to watch a boring sci-fi marathon. They don't try to turn up the volume to uncomfortable levels when a basketball game is on. They even don't mind if I rewind a scene on my DVR to listen to a joke again. In fact, they will will watch hours of the Home Shopping Channel without a single meow. Now actually finding a seat on the couch to watch the television is another matter..

My cats keep my dining room table clear.

As a child, it was my job to clear off the dining room table after dinner. I had to bring in all of the dirty dishes and wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Once I got my own place, I hated cleaning the table. As a result my dining room table became a catch-all for dirty napkins, used spoons, and even unopened mail. Thankfully, my kitties will jump up on the table and knock all this stuff to the ground. They are even polite enough to dust off any crumbs with their tails. If it weren't for them, my dining room table would always be covered with junk.

They help me sleep at night.

I've always struggled to stay asleep at night. I like to toss and turn until I find the most comfortable spot. Now that I share my bed with several furry companions, I no longer move around during the evening. You try to change positions in bed when there is a cat on every side of you. Without fail, there is a kitty on top of my head, one by my feet, and two on either side. They keep me from being restless all night long.

There are a thousand other reasons I'm thankful for my cats. Tell my why you're thankful for your kitties this Thanksgiving.