Newly-Adopted Cat Gives the Ultimate Gift of Gratitude

Newly-Adopted Cat Gives the Ultimate Gift of Gratitude

In my favorite feel-good story of the week, a cat who had just been adopted a few hours earlier is responsible for saving his owner’s life when she suffered a diabetic seizure.  The cat, Pudding, jumped on his new owner’s chest, reviving her momentarily.  She called out to her son for help, but when he didn’t hear, brilliant Pudding rushed to the boy’s room and woke him to call for help.

Pudding’s owner, Amy Jung, firmly believes she would not have survived without Pudding’s intervention.  Her doctors agree, and now Pudding is going to be registered as a therapy animal, alerting Jung when her blood sugar is getting low.

It’s stories like these that prove all those cat haters wrong.  Sure, cats are self-sufficient and like to show their independence, but they are also capable of deep affection and concern for their owners.  Anyone who has had a cat during rough times can attest to how good they are at comforting their owners.  Their heightened sensitivity makes them better able to predict both health and emotional problems.

Sure, dogs are in the spotlight when it comes to being the most empathetic and sensitive to their owners, but there is no reason to think cats aren’t capable of just as much empathy – they simply choose to hide it better.

So next time someone discounts your cat as selfish and uncaring, point out this story to them as a testament to just how caring a cat can be.  It just goes to show you how no kind act goes unrewarded.  I’ll bet the Jung family is even more happy that they adopted Pudding.