Now this is a crazy cat lady

Now this is a crazy cat lady

It seems like the term "crazy cat lady" is used to describe anyone who owns more than one cat and occasionally has cat fur on their shirt. Dog owners are allowed to have more than one pet, and no one picks on a dog lover that may have a few pieces of dog hair on their pants. People who love cats are imagined to be disorganized, dirty and just plain crazy.

Where did this start?

Well, looking around, I was able to find examples of true crazy cat people. This is why we sometimes get a bad rap. Read on, and if you are demonstrating any of the following behaviors, then you are truly the prime model of a crazy cat lady.

Who needs cotton when you have cat fur?

Some of the more crazy of the cat ladies actually wear their pet's fur. No, I don't mean on accident by sitting on a chair after Fluffy has napped there. These people collect the hair from the carpet, furniture or grooming brush and literally turn it into clothing. People wear sweaters made from mohair, so why not cat hair? I'm not willing to go that far...not quite sure I want to wear a scarf knitted from my four-legged friends.

I just wanted a little snack.

Can you believe that there are people who enjoy eating cat kibble? Unless you are starving, I really cannot find any reason why a person would want to eat cat food. The ingredients are questionable. Most of them are byproducts, and cat food includes the parts of animals most humans would consider inedible. Sure, we have all seen a child crawl on the floor and put a piece of dry cat food in their mouth, but they usually don't come back for more. There's a reason that it's called cat food.

But, they are my dependents.

We all know that crazy cat ladies always have more than one kitty. They usually have more than five. Some even have more than 15 or 20. One exceptionally crazy feline person claimed over $12,000 worth of pet deductions on her federal taxes. While you may think that she was locked up for her shenanigans, a savvy lawyer was able to prove to a judge that her deductions were just and fair. Even though the judge sided with her, don't try this at home. She had documentation that showed her expenses were part of a rescue program, not just a crazy hotel for kitties at her home.

So, just because you have a couple of kitties roaming around your house or find it hard to make room in your own bed at night, doesn't mean that you are a crazy cat lady. It simply means that you have a big heart and want to love the creatures that love you unconditionally. However, if I see you nibbling on cat food, wearing a Siamese sweater, while arguing with the IRS about your cat dependents, then I will label you otherwise.