Is your cat jealous?

Is your cat jealous?

Just like people, cats have emotions. Unlike humans, however, they are unable to verbally express their feelings to us. If we drastically change something in their environment, they may become unhappy, or even jealous. The addition of another pet or a new baby may be all it takes to make your cat jealous. How can you tell if you're dealing with a jealous kitty?Kitty is no longer a lap cat.

Your once happy feline may start to spend less time in your lap and more time in isolation. Why would a jealous cat not want attention? It's quite simple. By avoiding you, they are also avoiding whatever is making them feel this way. If a new puppy is running about, they will do anything to stay out of the room. They don't want to see you - their master - giving attention to another creature.

If your cat is avoiding your company, then you need to take more time out of your day to pay attention to him. Create a special time when you can give your undivided attention to your kitty. Give him his favorite treats and play with his favorite toy. During this time, don't bring the jealousy trigger into the room.

Fluffy is fixed but still spraying.

Cats mark their domain by spraying urine in their territory. Even cats that have been neutered may begin doing this if they are jealous of something in their environment. Have you noticed kitty spraying vertically on the walls? If so, then jealously may be the issue. Of course, health problems, such as a UTI, should be eliminated as the cause first.

Instead of reprimanding your cat, give him some extra love. He is craving your affection. Thoroughly clean any sprayed areas with white vinegar to erase the scent. This will deter him from spraying in the same area again. Make sure your kitty has a private area that he can call his own. Buy him a new cat bed, and keep all other animals out of it. Above all, pet and comfort your cat throughout the day.

A jealous kitty is not a happy cat, but this behavior can be reversed. If you have some suggestions of your own, please leave a comment!