Cat toys on a budget

Cat toys on a budget

Fun cat toy ideas that you already have at home.

Do you have a bored kitty? You know the kind: lazy, sleepy and extra clingy. The easiest way to cure cat boredom is with some fun, new toys. Unfortunately, pet store goodies are often pricey and your feline may grow tired of them within a few days.

What is a cat owner to do? Do you spend money on overpriced toys, or do you just let your cat be bored? Over the years, I have found that the best pet toys are also the cheapest. Here are a few of my furry friend's favorite picks:

A cardboard box

Surely you have a few cardboard boxes lying around your house. I know that my back closet is full of them. Whenever Fluffy is looking particularly restless, I'll pull one out. All I have to do is set it on the floor, and within a few minutes, she will be jumping in and out of it. Once she tires of playing, she'll take a quick cat nap in the box. I've found that a sturdy box can last months, even with daily use. Sure, I have no idea why my cat likes them so much, but they do make her happy.

The plastic ring on a milk jug

You know that plastic ring that seals a fresh gallon of milk? Well, it's the most entertaining toy in my cat's mind. As soon as I open a new jug, I toss the ring on the floor. My kitty will bat it around the kitchen tile for hours and hours. It's the perfect size for her to pick up and carry around the house. Eventually, the ring will get lost - usually under the fridge. I can't tell you how many abandoned plastic rings I've found during a deep cleaning session.

Ribbon from a present

Nothing makes a wrapped present prettier than a curly bow made out of ribbon. As soon as you open the gift, however, you usually toss it in the trash. Before you get rid of that ribbon, let your cat have some fun with it. You can wiggle the bow around on the floor. I guarantee that she will chase it around like a kitten. The erratic movement of the ribbon brings out the predator in your cat.

There's really no reason to shell out tons of money for gimmicky cat toys. They will only last a limited amount of time. Instead, take a look around your house, and see what your feline might want to chase after for free.