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Kitty beds are pointless.

As a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, I have quite the collection of cat paraphernalia in my home. In addition to little porcelain figurines and numerous kitty throw pillows (all for my viewing pleasure), I have also acquired an assortment of cat care items that would put PetSmart to shame.

Included in my stash are several unused pet beds. They are soft and fluffy, but my Fluffy just won't sleep in them.

What gives?I decided the only way to solve this mystery was by going directly to my cat. As crazy as it sounds, I chose to study my cat's sleeping habits. Where did she sleep? When did she sleep?

After a long day of following my kitty around, I learned a great deal. First, I found out that she really enjoys doing absolutely nothing. That's my ultimate dream in life - to one day be able to do nothing for hours on end. Sometimes she just wanted to stare at the paint peeling on the wall. Other times she would groom herself in wild positions that would make a gymnast jealous. What she did the most, however, was sleep.

I laid out all of the pet beds that were hiding in my closet, hoping she would pick one to use.

Did she?


Instead, she curled up for a quick cat nap on my bed. Her next resting stop was on the couch. After that, she chose to pass out in the middle of the floor. I swear that she even dozed off in her litter box for a few minutes. The pet beds, however, remained untouched.

So, what did I learn from all of this? I should keep my wallet shut and only buy things that are covered in catnip. The only way these pet beds will be used is if I sleep in them myself.