Forget the hype - being a cat lady is good for you!

Forget the hype - being a cat lady is good for you!

Cats are good for your health

 In recent years, cat ownership has come under scrutiny for mental health reasons, because toxoplasmosis reportedly will drive every cat owner to schizophrenia. 

The link between toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia always sounded to me like a case of "correlation does not equal causation," and a recent article published in the journal Psychological Medicine confirms that the risks are minimal at best.

The article's author points out that according to the CDC, up to 60 million Americans may have (or be carriers of) toxoplasmosis. But the vast majority of people never show any symptoms, because their immune systems keep the parasite in check.

However, there is one undeniably strong link between mental illness and cat ownership: Cats help you feel better. In fact, it could well be the case that people suffering from mental illness adopt cats as a form of self-medication!

Petting a cat releases oxytocin, the "bonding hormone" which relaxes you and relieves anxiety. Cats also help alleviate loneliness, reduce stress, and improve your blood pressure.