Cats are not afraid of heights

Cats are not afraid of heights

Cats are very agile creatures. They are fast, flexible, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. In my house, I try to keep my kitties' feet on the ground, but they always find a way to climb to new heights. This makes it almost impossible for me to have nice things. Here's a recent event that happened while I was away:

My mother created a beautiful flower arrangement in a glass vase, which she gave to me on my anniversary. It was adorned with greenery and peacock feathers, which matches the decor in my front living area.

I knew that my cats would want to eat the feathers, so I put it on the very top of a six-foot bookcase. Surely my cats wouldn't be able to reach it.

For several weeks, the flower arrangement remained untouched. I even got several compliments on it from guests. Last week, however, one of my felines discovered a way to climb to the top of the shelf. In their attempts to eat the peacock feathers, they knocked the entire vase down to the floor, smashing it to pieces. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy when I arrived back home.

How my cat scaled to the top, I will never know. I don't even know which one was responsible, although I have my suspicions. (Yes, Mr. Thumbs, I'm talking to you.)

While I'm upset about my cat's climbing adventure, I am glad that curiosity did not kill the cat. What it did make me realize is that my furry friends need some more places to play. Some cats like to explore high places, while others are satisfied on the ground.

If you have a cat that likes to climb, I highly suggest buying them a scratching post tower. This gives them an approved jungle gym, making your kitties less likely to knock over your bookcases. Also, make sure they have enough toys on the ground to keep them occupied when you're not around. A bored feline is more likely to get into trouble.

Remember that although cuddly, cats are still animals with wild instincts. It is our job as their human owner to provide them with the things they need to enrich their lives.